Redo thermal insulation with consumer credit

The thermal insulation of a house is very important to ensure optimal thermal comfort. Otherwise, energy bills may explode. Thanks to a consumer credit, finance your thermal insulation work quickly and simply!


Why carry out thermal insulation work?

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When a house is poorly insulated, it is vulnerable to thermal bridges. Simply put, you will still feel cold in certain areas of the house, even if the heating is on. This is especially the case near openings (doors and windows) as well as near the roof.

The direct consequences concern thermal comfort, but they are even more disastrous from a financial point of view. Indeed, this feeling of cold in certain places will push you to increase the heating, again and again. As you can see, your energy bill will explode if this continues!

In addition, your thermal insulation will also be essential to prevent the coming summer period. Otherwise, your home will literally become a real, unlivable furnace.

Finally, be aware that the insulation work allows you to bring your house up to standard, in the event that you have to sell it or have it rented later.


What work should be done as a priority?

Most often, thermal bridges appear at the level of the roof. It will therefore be important to carry out insulation work there as a priority. You can opt for exterior or interior insulation, depending on your preferences. Note that if your attic is fitted, you will gain space by opting for thermal insulation from the outside.

Then, consider reviewing the insulation of your openings. Opting for double glazing will not be too much, whether for your windows, skylights or doors, if the latter have a glazed part.


Why opt for consumer credit?

consumer credit?

These thermal insulation works can be costly, depending on the current state of affairs. This is why it is recommended to take out consumer credit.

Thus, you can spread the reimbursement of the work over several months. This will only have a small impact on your cash flow, rather than having to pay for the work all at once.

To finance this work, you can take out a bank loan. But there is a more attractive alternative, the loan between individuals. For example, you can easily find a work loan on Lite Lenders, where investors are many and varied: insurers, companies, individuals, pension funds, legal persons, etc.

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