Apply for a credit with instant transfer now.

Customers want more and more loans, which are not only quick and easy to process, but also get paid out as quickly as possible. The credit with instant transfer, which is paid out immediately after approval, is therefore particularly popular.

The advantages for this can usually be seen quite clearly. As a borrower, you can quickly fulfill the wishes that go with the loan. In addition, there is usually less effort involved in applying, since banks with an instant transfer also do not cause a lot of trouble when applying. But where can you find a credit with instant transfer and how can you apply for it?

Not only available from the house bank

A credit with instant transfer is not only available from the house bank. Even if this prejudice seems to be persistent. Rather, you can apply for such a loan wherever there are all other loans.

Rather, the type of loan determines how quickly the loan can be paid out. If you opt for a small loan that does not require a lot of security and controls, you will usually be paid out quickly. Sometimes you can even wait for it directly at the bank. You only have to have all the documents at hand for the application.

How to transfer credit

How to transfer credit

A credit transfer that is applied for online can also result in an immediate transfer. Because here too it counts that the amount of the loan and the requirements determine the speed.

The situation is different if you are looking for a loan with a large loan amount, you are self-employed or you are not doing any regular work. Here the banks will check very carefully and consider whether a loan is possible. However, this also means that a credit with an instant transfer is rather not possible because the slower processing does not allow this.

So there are a few ways to get a credit with Sofortüberweisung. It does not necessarily depend on the bank or the bank whether the loan is paid out quickly. Much more important is the amount of the loan and the personal requirements that you bring with you as a borrower.

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